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SSC exams begin amid apprehension

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SSC exams begin amid apprehension

Thereport24.com, Dhaka:

The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent examinations began on Friday amid uncertainty and anxiety. Examinees as well as their parents are still concerned about security.

The exams were scheduled to begin on February 2 but were deferred twice because of the ongoing indefinite blockade and general strike imposed by the BNP-led 20-party alliance.

It is not certain when the exams will end in this turbulent situation in the country’s political arena.

Politicians have already used the exams to spread propaganda.

This is not the first time public exams have been rescheduled because of political instability. University students have also been subjected to session jams which made them unable to complete their courses on time.

At present, academic operations at many public universities in the country are practically closed chiefly because of demands raised by students and also bloody clashes stemming from establishing dominion.

The university authorities and the Education Ministry have failed to address the problems.

The way the government is handling the SSC exam crisis gives the impression that the ruling party leaders are considering this an indication of their success or failure. But the situation will get worse if the BNP considers it the same way.

We want exams to be held on schedule and we also want the examinees to return home safely after coming out of exam centres.

We believe the issue should not be counted as a factor that influences political equations.

Ends/thereport24.com/MI/Feb 07, 2015