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When the Creator calls the shots

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When the Creator calls the shots

Thereport24.com, Dhaka:

The situation in almost every public hospital in the country remains pitiable. Healthcare services dispensed in such hospitals do not meet the expectations of the patients and their relatives alike.

Those who are relatively insolvent in the society go to the state-owned hospitals. They would have sought medical care elsewhere had they been able to afford that.

Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital is where a total of 32 patients, including 10 infants, died within 24 hours. It is still unclear why they died but we have to wait to know the actual reasons.

As will be expected, a committee has been formed to probe the unusual deaths.

Mortality rates at government hospitals are higher than those at private hospitals. Many doctors of public hospitals work at private hospitals because the payment is better but patients are required to spend more to be treated at such hospitals.

People who lack the financial ability to afford such services are usually the ones who end up at public hospitals like Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital and die there.

It is the on-duty doctors who then often console themselves by murmuring that the Almighty has called the shots.

Ends/thereport24.com/MI/Feb 13, 2015