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Taking a rational approach over emotion

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Taking a rational approach over emotion

Thereport24.com, Dhaka:

Three decisions of umpires taken during the match between Bangladesh and India have caused public outrage. Those infuriated by the judgements of umpires even took to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to express resentment.

Even AHM Mustafa Kamal, incumbent president of International Cricket Council, has slammed the umpires as well as the council.

He said an investigation was necessary and he would discuss the issue at the next meeting of the council.

Kamal also warned that he would step down from his position, if necessary.

But this remark has angered the umpires – Ian Gould of England and Aleem Dar of Pakistan – as they are considering taking legal actions against Kamal.

Ian Gould and Aleem Dar made two decisions against Bangladesh in the 34th and 40th overs – an LBW appeal of Suresh Raina and catch out of Rohit Sharma.

The decisions sparked widespread controversies and Bangladesh eventually was defeated by 109 runs in the match.

But chief executive of the council, David Richardson, has favoured the umpires, saying that the honesty of an umpire was beyond question.

Understandably, the role of an umpire or a referee can come into question but everyone nonetheless has to be respectful of the rules.

Although the decisions of the umpires in the Bangladesh-India quarter-final match raised questions, there is no reason to think that overemphasizing the issue could lead to substantial outcomes. We are rather downplaying the match by trying to add fuel to the debates.

We are also apparently forgetting the fact that Bangladesh played against a team which became world champion multiple times in the past.

In the match, Bangladesh took six wickets and also tied the Indian team to 302 runs which was undoubtedly a notable success.

Be that as it may, Bangladesh’s batting performance were in every way unexpected. Taking that into account, should not we say that it was Bangladesh’s failure to be not able to play the full 50-over match.

When it comes to sports, rationalism should reign over emotion.

Ends/thereport24.com/MI/Mar 21, 2015