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Happy birthday to children

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Happy birthday to children

Thereport24.com, Dhaka:

The Annual Development Programme (ADP) on Sunday arranged a grand programme to celebrate birthdays of 4,000 disadvantaged children at its office in Kotalipara of Gopalganj.

The children were served meals that are better than what they usually get. Each of them was also presented with a tiffin box and a glass.

This, without any doubt, was a commendable initiative. In our society, we do not pay as much attention to children as they deserve, which prevents them from having their tiniest wishes fulfilled.

Children growing up in families that struggle financially do not get their parents celebrating birthdays but such small occasions contribute to their mental and social development to a great extent.

Celebrating the birthday of a child is not merely a manifestation of formalities. The adults and superiors of the family immersing in merriment on the occasion is something which bears far more significance.

We think organizations like World Vision and the rich should play roles in promoting and arranging such programmes. This will at least make children think that they are not neglected in the society.

This is something that will not only help them grow stronger emotionally but will remain as a precious memory when they will eventually grow up.

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