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Crisis or fate?

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Crisis or fate?

Thereport24.com, Dhaka:

There is still no sign that the ongoing political unrest which began in early January is going to end soon. The unrest has resulted in the loss of human lives as well as damage of transports.

Sectors such as trade, industry, education and agriculture have borne the brunt of the impasse, with the press telling only a tiny part of the entire story of people who have been hardly hit by the political turmoil.

Prospects are fading away, if the figures of losses mentioned by the business community are true.

World Bank’s lead economist in Dhaka, Zahid Hussain, said people are living in a state of great confusion and investors both at home and abroad are shying away from putting their money in different ventures.

He said investment would not grow unless the current situation improved and that investors were monitoring what the country is going through.

According to Zahid, a country cannot move forward if unrest hits it frequently and a solution is urgent.

As frustrating as it may sound, no one seems to know a way out of the present crisis. Consequently, foreign investors are getting increasingly reluctant about investing in the country while our own entrepreneurs are looking for opportunities abroad where they can safely invest their capital.

Zahid said the lack of trust and reliance among investors has grown, adding that the immediate loss the situation has resulted in is difficult to compute.

The country’s economic achievement is fundamentally dependent on three sectors – agriculture, readymade garment and manpower export.

The government has little to boast about what the country has achieved in these three sectors but not surprisingly, it happily takes credit for all these.

Nonetheless, the government and other parties have no concern over the country’s economic situation or investment in industries.

The country has a long history of politicians taking advantage of power in order to build their own fortune, which lucidly explains why this group prioritizes assuming power.

It can be claimed that political parties have repeatedly created crises over a variety of issues in the country. Politicians are earnest in proving that they are the country’s indispensable part, which is a key reason why the present crisis is deepening.

In a way, this is our fate.

Ends/thereport24.com/MI/Mar 24, 2015