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Are you more busy with gadgets than your partner?

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Are you more busy with gadgets than your partner?

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The first time Meena realised there was a problem with her marriage was when she observed that her husband Wali never complained about her being busy with her work at night.

That was because he was way too happily preoccupied with posting his comments and activities on Facebook.

“I was shocked when I asked him if we were going anywhere for our anniversary and he said of course we were and that he had already posted our plans on Facebook. That’s when it hit me that he was more involved with Facebook than with me,” said Meena.

While this was said among a group of friends, the truth is such a thing is more a rule than an exception today.

A new study has cautioned that couples who use Facebook excessively are far more likely to face marital problems that may even lead to breakup and divorce.

Today, many couples are finding a great companion in virtual world than with their own partners. There are smart phones, i-Pads, laptops, games, notepads that are serving as good substitutes for spouses.

“Every weekend I plan for us to spend quality time together and it really upsets me when he sits with his video games and plays endlessly,” rues Aditi, whose husband is a gadget freak.

Cupid may have unleashed the power of love and passion but the mouse in the highly-technological world has led to a completely different version of romance today.

What’s worse is when gadgets start taking precedence over the partner itself. This is what happened with Ayesha and Mayank. When the two went on their honeymoon, Ayesha was more excited about clicking their pictures and posting them on instagram. He went along with her obsession for a while but then lost his patience.

“I told her it was either me or the phone. We had a showdown and we both sulked throughout our honeymoon, but I just couldn’t take it anymore that her public display of our time together was more important to us than actually being together,” he says.

In fact, counsellors even advice against excessive use of gadgets and technology today, on grounds that it may impact personal contact sometimes as well.

Take the case of Mohini and Amit. When the two got married, they would message each other every hour, exchanging sweet nothings and all the details of what was happening. By the time they reached home, they had nothing more to share and gradually that started taking the steam out of their romance.

Experts say that there is nothing more important than personal contact and interaction and especially when it comes to intimate relationships.

Technology and gadgets can supplement a relationship but not be its substitute.

That’s why it is crucial that couples set clear boundaries for the time they will spend with the gadgets.

If they are not careful, technology and gadgets can actually turn into Frankenstein that can spell doom for our relationships. Source: The Indian Express

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