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200mw solar park to be built at Teknaf

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200mw solar park to be built at Teknaf

Sohel Rahman, The Report: The government has decided to set up a 200mw solar park at Teknaf, the southern tip of the country, in the private sector in a bid to meet the growing demand for electricity. This will be the biggest compared to the existing solar power plants.

The Sun Edison Energy Holding (Singapore) Pte Ltd will build the park on the build-own-operate basis and also on the basis of ‘no electricity, no payment’. It will be built for a term of 20 years. The tariff for the electricity from this park has been fixed at Tk 13.26 per kilowatt/hour.

It has been learnt from sources with the Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry.

The Power Division sources said the tariff fixed for electricity from this park is lower than that for power available from liquid fuel-based plants. And as the electricity will be purchased on the basis of ‘no electricity, no payment’, the Bangladesh Power Development Board will not have to make any capacity payment.

The sponsor company will spend from its own coffer under its own management for meeting the expenses for doing all project-related work including acquisition of land, installation of its transmission line and construction of a sub-station. It will also submit the proposal security as per the rules of the Bangladesh Power Development Board.

Sources said a committee formed for selection of a site for the project visited Teknaf in Cox’s Bazar, Tentulia in Panchagarh, Trishal in Mymensingh and Ghatail in Tangail in Mrach last. After the visit they recommended selection of Teknaf or Tentulia as the site for the project. Later the sponsor company evinced its interest to build the solar park at Teknaf.

Power Division secretary Manwara Islam said, “The proposal is now awaiting approval of the purchase committee of the cabinet. On approval of the project by the committee its implementation will start.”

According to the project summary, the purchase of power from this plant for the term of 20 years will cost the government 110 crore 20 lakh dollars. In the local currency the cost is Tk 8,595.66 crore. According to the Power Division, the demand for power is increasing at the rate of 10-12 percent every year in the country.

Under the Power System Master Plan-2010, a target has been set to generate 24,000mw electricity by 2021. Under this plan, initiatives have been taken to increase the use of renewable energy sources and set up renewable energy-based plants alongside establishment of fossil fuel-based plants.

The Power Division said that under the Renewable Energy Policy-2008 a target was set to produce 5.0 percent of the total power generation or 800mw from renewable energy sources. A target was also set to produce 10 percent or 2,000mw from renewable energy sources by 2020. To achieve the target the Power Division has adopted a programme for generating 500mw from solar power. As part of the programme the solar park is going to be set up.

Ends/AR/threport24.com/Sept 30, 2015