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Beware the 7 deadly sins of dieting

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Beware the 7 deadly sins of dieting

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Caving to cravings

Let's face it: temptations are everywhere and they're often hard to control. The main problem with cravings is that they don't do much in terms of hunger satisfaction; you're simply feeding the idea that you need to eat rather than the necessity to. The next time you can't get a certain food vice out of your mind - say, a slice of triple chocolate cake - ask yourself if eating a banana would suffice. If the answer is no, then it's gluttony you're feeling, not starvation.

All or nothing

The problem with strict dieting is that you're almost guaranteed to veer off the clean eating path, and that's perfectly okay. The problem that arises when we break from a healthy food routine in a moment of weakness is that we often punish ourselves in the process by overindulging instead. Just because you had fast food at lunch doesn't not mean the rest of the day's diet plan should be scrapped. On the contrary, to achieve long-term results it might be prudent to follow the 80% rule: make sure the majority of your meals throughout the day are nutrient dense and healthy, leaving you a bit of wiggle room to enjoy something you love.

Raiding the fridge at night

The biggest reason people find themselves standing in the glow of their refrigerator's light after midnight is because they haven't fed their bodies properly during the day. Skipping out on breakfast and eating a salad for lunch is a recipe for disaster because depriving your body of necessary fuel during the day will inevitably come back to bite you before bedtime. Try eating two-thirds of a day's total calories before dinnertime to avoid compensating with junk food later on.

Expecting immediate results

Nothing discourages a person more than a scale that refuses to reflect all the sacrifice they seem to be putting into a diet and fitness programme, but it's important to keep things in perspective. A lifetime of bad choices are not going to be remedied over the course of a few weeks, so give your body a chance to adjust to your healthier lifestyle. By setting more realistic goals, whether for weight loss or muscle building, you're more likely to stay motivated and on the right path.

Following trendy diets

If you're an avid follower of fad diets that promise you the moon (or a slimmer waistline) with a not-so-scientific programme that's doomed to fail, then you're no different from millions of other people falling for the same gimmicks. Take note: so-called "Liquid Diets" and "Master Cleanses" or any programme that encourages you to consume baby food should be forever ignored because, surprise, they don't work! Keep things simple with a tried and tested rule that will never fail you: Eat real, unprocessed foods.

Lifestyle hasn't changed

You know what happens to people who embark on those 90-day weight loss programmes? They end up falling right back into old habits once it's over. Changing your relationship with food is critical to success and that means making exercise and healthy nutrition a permanent part of the plan. There's good reason why gastric bypass patients are forced to have a psychological assessment before going under the knife, so examining your emotional food dependencies can be an important first step to solving the bigger problem.

Addicted to sugar

Sugar is everywhere, including many sources you might not expect it to be. From store-bought pasta sauce, granola bars, yoghurt, instant oatmeal to salad dressings, packaged fruits and ketchup, it feels like there are few safe items left to buy in the supermarket. It's no secret why most products contain so much hidden sugar: it's highly addictive, so cutting out the obvious culprits like soda, energy drinks and chocolate is simply not enough. Learn to love fresh, homemade ingredients and ditch any container with a flashy logo.

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