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Special squad formed for jailed ‘extremists’

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Special squad formed for jailed ‘extremists’

Intelligence agencies have alerted the authority that there may be a spurt in extremism in the jails in Bangladesh and the jailed extremists may plan big subversive activities. In the wake of the intelligence alert, the government has taken special security measures for the jails. The law-enforcers are keeping an eye on those extremists held in jails. A special squad has been formed for shifting them from one place to another.

In view of the recent developments including the issue of hanging war criminals and the killing of two foreign nationals and a peer (religious leader) the jail authorities have attached much importance to the red alert issued in this connection.

Jail authorities have said subversive acts and extremism may spike in the country to leave the government in an embarrassing situation. So, the red alert has been issued so that no conspiracy or chaos can take place inside the jails.

Some foreign intelligence agencies have alerted the government beforehand about the subversive acts or extremism inside the jails. The agencies have said an untoward incident can take place any time in Bangladesh, any terrorist or extremist act also can take place. These can be planned from even inside the jails. So, the movement of extremists in and outside the jails across the country has been restricted so that they cannot contact with each other. The 68 jails including the 12 central jails have been put on the special security alert.

About this the Inspector General for Prisons Brig General Syed Iftekhar Uddin said, “We had always been alert about the security. But recently we beefed up the jail security following some successive incidents. The law enforcers are on extra vigil for the jailed extremists. The security of their cells has been enhanced. The other prisoners are allowed to move to some extent, but the extremists are being kept confined all the time. A separate special squad has been formed for shifting them from one place to another.”

He also said, “A pilot project has been launched at the jail in Narayanganj for preparing a database on the fingerprints of extremists and their iris images for the sake of security of other prisoners. Different projects including introduction of a mobile application service for the relatives visiting the prisoners, making lockers available for keeping the things brought by the relatives of prisoners and upgrading the website of the jail authorities have been undertaken. Though the purchase of a body scanner for the prisoners was planned 18 months ago, it could not be done because of the complexity over its price. The device will be purchased as soon as the ECNEC passes it.”

Jail sources also say efforts are on to leave the government in an embarrassing situation through different incidents of killing. The law-enforcers are on the vigil round the clock so that any such conspiracy cannot be hatched inside the jails. Security has also been beefed up in the surrounding areas of jails because of the red alert. Additional security personnel have been deployed at the jails. Search inside the jails was increased. Precaution is being exercised while shifting the prisoners from one place to another. Besides, there is always the Section 144 inside the jails. Still the vigil on the prisoners has been increased. This will continue until any further order.

Brig Gen Iftekhar Uddin said, “We are continuing the search inside the jails so that in no way mobile phones can be taken inside. The prisoners contact the people outside, not from the jails but from the prison vans while being shifted from one place to another. Usually the prisoners who are taken to court frequently get the chance to do it. For that the jail authority is not responsible. Though the mobile companies have been alerted about introduction of pocketing networks in jail areas, they have not responded. Moreover, the prisoners are active. The people close to the prisoners throw tennis balls containing hemp and Yaba tablets into the jails from outside. Besides, relatives of the prisoners bring in narcotics hidden in soaps, shoes, rectum, mouth or in medicine cans while meeting the prisoners.”

The jail authorities are more interested in taking preventive measures to stop malpractices. So, the authorities are working against these malpractices, according to Mr Iftekhar.

The Inspector General for Prisons also said there are 514 foreign prisoners in the 68 jails in the country. They have been kept separated from the local prisoners as their culture and food habit are different from that of the locals. There is no dearth of security also for them. Besides, the jail authority is ready to execute the death penalty of war criminals. There is no necessity to take extra security measures for hanging them, because everything is there beforehand.

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