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Roger Federer wants ‘to become World No. 1' again

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Roger Federer wants ‘to become World No. 1' again

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Pre-tournament press conference for Roger Federer in Shanghai. The Swiss player revealed an anecdote about pizza competition in the Masters 1000 tournament.

“About the pizza, last year they said in the quarters that if I won the tournament I could get my pizza as well, part of the pizza competition, and that’s exciting,” a smiling Federer said. “Because a lot of pizzas were taken, the classic ones, I came up with one that I like – figs, arugula salad, prosciutto, and creme fraiche, and extra mozzarella if you like. So you should try it out.”

Pizza's name is “ the Figalicious,” he said, “I don’t know if you know, but the name is really important.”

Federer is one of the rare players who likes to study a draw when it comes out: "I love looking at the draw, trying to understand who is going to come through,” Federer said. “I’m horrible at it usually, but I like looking at them. There’s no avoiding where you are in the draw so I’m aware of who is around me. What I can’t stand is in the draw ceremony when they pull the names out of the hat. If you’re sitting there I feel like any draw is a bad one because you see it coming. But I like looking at the draw just like a fan.”

"Being Roger Federer is a pretty great feeling right now… I am going through a really exciting phase of my career, of my life. I can only be happy." - Federer said. "I don't live in the past, I don't dwell on it," he says. "I still have plenty of goals moving forward. I love being on the court, traveling the world with my family, playing tournaments. I think it's wonderful that I can still do that at my age."

About his offensive game-style, he said: "it comes quite naturally to me, I'm serving very well and playing quality tennis," he says. "Playing offensive gives you the opportunity to transition very quickly, and that's allowed me to go for great shots."

"I have never fallen out of love with tennis. Of course there have been moments, particularly when I was younger, when I used to get really frustrated. I didn't enjoy training or competing all the time. Losing. But I've always picked up the racket again and kept going to practice. I've never really lost motivation."

And admits: "I'd like to have another opportunity to become world number one. I am aware it’s not likely – Novak is just meant to be up there right now,” he adds, always the diplomatic sportsman. “Yet I was able to beat him twice this year, and last year in Shanghai too. I know I’d have to beat him in every tournament to actually have a real shot at claiming the title back, and that is quite hard as he plays so well. But the thought is there.”

Source: tennisworldusa.org

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