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Walton offers 3-month replacement warranty for CRT, LED TVs

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Walton offers 3-month replacement warranty for CRT, LED TVs

Thereport24.com Desk:

The country’s consumer based electronics giant ‘Walton’ is going to offer conditional three months replacement warranty for its produced CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) and LED (Light Emitting Diode) televisions from October 15.

In addition, the customers will also enjoy two years warranty for panel, spare parts and services of LED television. For CRT TVs of Walton, four years warranty for the picture tube is being offered and two years warranty for spare parts and services.

According to Walton authorities, the replacement warranty facility has been given to enhance the customers’ satisfaction. Besides, the local company is able to offer such facility with affordable sales rate because of manufacturing televisions in its own factory.

Md Abdul Bari, assistant director (marketing) of Walton, said, Walton brand televisions are the customers’ top choice at now as it manufactures world-class televisions with latest technology, advanced machineries, highly skilled and experienced engineers.

“We have already gained the customers’ trust. Now, we are offering three months replacement facility on condition to increase their satisfaction on Walton televisions,” he said.

Bari also suggested the customers preserve warranty card and other necessary documents to enjoy the facility.

It was learnt that Walton brand LED televisions are being produced through a full-functional latest production line. The local company has set up separate manufacturing lines for plastic cabinet, speaker, remote control, motherboard and panel, which resulted in making Bangladesh self-sufficient for producing LED televisions and strictly maintaining the highest quality. For producing basic raw materials and equipment in the own factory, Walton has been able to cut down the production cost of their LED televisions.

Recently, Walton has released some models of LED TV at the prices of CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) TVs, specially for those customers who are belonging to the lower income group aiming to bring the benefits of technological advancement towards the people’s doorstep.

Through releasing more than 40 models of CRT TV in the market, Walton has already bagged a lion share of the market, the company officials said adding, they have gained customer’s faith for manufacturing CRT TV with 100 percent brand new picture tube.

The viewers can clearly watch Walton brand CRT TV from any angels as its viewing angel is unlimited. For having 9300-degree K colour temperature, the colour emitted from Walton brand television is also tolerable for viewers’ eye. In addition, 3D filter in hyper brand tuner is applied in its CRT TV to enrich the audio-video signals

Engr. Mostafa Nahid Hossain, senior assistant director (sourcing engineering dept) of Walton Group, said the prime features of Walton brand LED televisions are the application of world’s latest HADS (High Advance Super Dimension Switch) and IPS (In-Plant Switching) technology panel. These technologies ensure wide viewing angles nearly 170-178-degree angles to the viewers for getting clear and sharper images and consume comparatively less electricity.

To ensure the highest quality of picture and sound, world-class motherboard featuring with dynamic noise reduction, motion picture, highest frame rat and dolby digital sound is being used, he said adding, LED Panel with the combination of liquid crystal display, LED back light and various kinds of optical sheets ensures highest resolution, contrast ration and refresh rate.

Besides, Walton has a strong research and development department to conduct various activities like theme development, product design, mould design and mould manufacturing, he said.

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