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Lights on after 68yrs, 2,561 ex-enclave families get electricity

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Lights on after 68yrs, 2,561 ex-enclave families get electricity

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For 68 years, they remained virtually stateless, no nationality, no citizenship; their fathers and forefathers did so. They had not their all basic rights fulfilled. They were worried about their future generation. Their children took lot of troubles to live by. When the sun set dark caught everywhere. The touch of technology barely reached them. But, change begins now. Development starts off.

On Thursday, the people of recently abolished enclaves got the first-ever touch of electricity after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated an power connection project at 11:10am, which makes electricity available to a total of 2,561 families of the ex-enclaves, located in Kurigram, Nilfamari, and five upazilas of Panchagar districts.

The inauguration ceremony was held at Dasiachara, an abolished enclave, in Kurigram district where the premier also distributed home solar systems to five families.

Hasina also addressed a rally there. She assured the people of the abolished enclaves that the misery and suffering to them for last 68 years would no longer last there.

“You (people of ex-enclaves) are citizens of this country (Bangladesh). You are one among us. We (government) have taken different development projects for you,” she informed.

Hasina went on saying “the day is not too far when electricity will reach every home (in all ex-enclaves). All of you will be given healthcare service too.”

As part of the implementation of the Land Boundary Agreement of 1974 and its 2011 Protocol, India exchanged 17,160 acres, covering 111 enclaves, with to Bangladesh and in return India received 7,110 acres comprising 51 enclaves.

On the intervening night of July 31 and August 1, around 52,000 inhabitants of 162 enclaves in Bangladesh and India got the taste of freedom for the first time in 68 years, officially becoming citizens of either of the two nations.

The enclaves were created in the 18th Century and had endured through British colonial rule and the independence of India in 1947 and then Bangladesh in 1971.

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