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US fears further attacks on westerners in Bangladesh

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US fears further attacks on westerners in Bangladesh

Thereport24.com Desk:

US Embassy in Dhaka on Saturday updated its security message for American citizens who live in Bangladesh.

It said in the update that terrorist threat remains 'real and credible' in Bangladesh.

"Security agencies in Bangladesh have taken extraordinary measures to increase security for foreigners in Bangladesh, but the terrorist threat remains real and credible," the security message read.

The Embassy strongly encouraged American citizens traveling to or residing in Bangladesh to take precautions, remain vigilant about their personal security, and be alert to local security developments.

The Embassy employees continue to observe careful security practices when traveling throughout Bangladesh.

It said the US government personnel and their families are not permitted to be in most public places and are also prohibited from traveling on foot, motorcycle, bicycle, rickshaw or other uncovered means on all public thoroughfares and sidewalks.

They are also restricted from attending large gatherings in Bangladesh, including events at international hotels, unless they have obtained permission from the Embassy's security office.

This message provides an update regarding the continued threat against foreigners, it reads.

"As advised in previous Security Messages for US citizens, reliable information suggests that a terrorist attack could occur against Westerners in Bangladesh, including attacks against large gatherings of Westerners at international hotels," the message reads further.

It claimed the ISIL claimed responsibility for the September 28 killing of an Italian national and the October 3 killing of a Japanese national.

"Future attacks against Westerners may occur, including against US citizens."

Ends/UNB/MI/Oct 18, 2015