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Issue of national unity

Govt makes Jamaat a ‘political card’, plays with it

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Govt makes Jamaat a ‘political card’, plays with it

Thereport24.com Correspondent, Dhaka:

Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) standing committee member ASM Hannan Shah has blamed government of making Bangladesh Jammat-e-Islami a ‘political card’ and playing with the Islamist party when it comes to forming of a national unity.

“People know whom Jammat is favorite to or not. Government said they would ban Jammat by June, but it did not happen. In fact, government plays political game with Jamaat,” Hannan Shah told while addressing discussion in the capital on Saturday.

The BNP leader warned the government of forming a national unity with all political parties, if government would not move to do so.

“And then, government try to prevent the formation of the national unity people will think goveremnt itself is involved with terrorism,” Hannan Shah said.

Zia Parishad organized the discussion titled “National Unity is essential in preventing militancy and terrorism” in the capital’s National Press Club.