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CJ for filling gap between lodging, disposing of cases

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CJ for filling gap between lodging, disposing of cases

Thereport24.com Correspodent, Dhaka:

Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha today called upon the judges for filling the gap between the ratio of lodging and disposing of cases in the country.

The chief justice made the call in a statement released on the eve of 9th anniversary of separation of judiciary from the executive organs of the state.

"It is now the demand of time to reintroduce the Article 116 of the constitution of 1972 prepared by Bangabandhu...We are not being able to appoint judges in the vacant posts in time in different districts due to dual rule. Trial process gets hampered by this and justice seekers too suffer by this," he said.

Justice Sinha also said the judges are working to ensure fast and quality justice in spite of manpower shortage and different hostilities.

"The ratio of disposing of cases is going up as well the trust of people on the judiciary," he said while expressing hope that judiciary will be able to attain its ultimate goal if different longstanding problems are resolved.

The chief justice in his five-page statement also pointed out different activities in digitalizing the judiciary, thanking its collaboration with the Access to Information (a2i) program of the Prime Minister's Office.

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