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DiGiFi Korea held Next Generation Multi-Antenna Technology Demonstration

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DiGiFi Korea held Next Generation Multi-Antenna Technology Demonstration

Thereport24.com Desk : DiGiFi Korea(President Lee, Seong-Joon) held ‘DiGiFi-SITG Connect in Seoul 2016’, a technology demonstration for DiGiFi Next Generation Multi-Antenna, at Raum Social Venue in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul, Korea, says a press release.

The technology demonstration jointly held by DiGiFi Korea and SIT Global was arranged to demonstrate actual operation principles of next generation multi-antenna technology and to share business plans and visions with those whom it may concern. Also, DiGiFi Korea announced its plan to supply DiGiFi Smart Solution (DSS) to the area around Philippines including Palau and other regions within this year.

More than 150 people came to the event including professionals involved in information and communication industry from more than 10 countries including Iran, Australia, New Zealand, Cambodia, Bolivia, Bhutan, Kyrgyzstan and etc.

The demonstration began with a greeting by Mr. Han, Man-Ki, the CEO of DiGiFi Korea followed by DSS promotion film watching, technology demonstration and etc. During technology demonstration, the main session of the event, president Lee, Seong-Joon himself introduced DiGiFi F1 Multi-Antenna and demonstrated DSS operation.

DiGiFi also briefly introduced their next business plan. President Lee said that the company is currently planning to supply DSS to Philippines area including Palau and other regions within this year. In addition, he disclosed the other medium-and-long-term business plans of DiGiFi Korea and SIT Global such as miniaturization of multi-antennas utilizing current technologies, expansion of product lines, realization of IoT technology with the use of satellite WiFi and etc.

There was also a session in which people could directly connect to DiGiFi WiFi network by connecting to DSS application that they downloaded from Google Play or App Store in advance. More than 150 people experienced the solution by simultaneously connecting to DiGiFi network with multiple applications such as internet phone, messenger, Youtube, SNS, etc.

DiGiFi installed DiGiFi F1 multi-antenna inside the Raum Social Venue so that participants could see the product. Participants could found out F1 multi-antenna properly receiving signal from a satellite through a ping test screen. DiGiFi lent the Mugunhwa-5 Satellite in advance from KT SAT, the sole Korean satellite service company, for the demonstration event.

Especially, foreign government personnel and investors who participated in the event showed great interest in the merits of DiGiFi technology that can be applied to regions such as deserts, mountains and others where communication networks are difficult to be established.

President Lee said, "DiGiFi multi-antenna technology has a strong point that it enables smooth communication even in disasters such as earthquakes, terrorism, wars and etc," and "We will contribute to establishing a smart city in which everything is connected by internet by utilizing this technology."

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